This poop-themed mobile game will help you keep a sharp mind

Toilet-themed games are pretty popular with kids and adults alike. From board games and toys to emoji and mobile apps, you get a variety of these around the different markets.

And it even keeps on adding up.

You're bored, and you need something to do?

People are always looking for fun activities to do in their free time. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of options that don't involve going outside.

AirSplat is the perfect solution! It's a free 2D single-player game where you get to throw poop at people and watch them explode into piles of poop! The best part is that it's entertaining and addictive once you start playing. Plus, it doesn't require any additional equipment like controllers or consoles so that anyone can play anytime they want on just about any mobile device. We even offer different bird skins if you're feeling competitive with your friends and family members! Just make sure not to throw too much poop at them - we wouldn't want anyone getting hurt... unless they deserve it.

You're bored, and you need something to do. Your friends are busy or not around. What should you do?

If you like games, you'll love Airsplat! It's a simple game with a challenging learning curve that will have you tapping the screen in no time at all. This is one of the most addictive games we've ever played!

Download this fun game today and see if it's as addicting for you as it was for us! We bet it will be - check out these reviews on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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