This poop-themed mobile game will help you keep a sharp mind

Toilet-themed games are pretty popular with kids and adults alike. From board games and toys to emoji and mobile apps, you get a variety of these around the different markets.

And it even keeps on adding up.

Taking the fun to mobile games

There are also a number of fun mobile games with various themes that you can try.

  • AirSplat's simple interface with bright and fun colors lets you navigate and access what you need smoothly.

    It's the same with addictive mobile games such as Flappy Bird. When playing, you have to pass and avoid the pipes and not fall completely. When you collide with the pipes or fall down, the game ends. Just like that.

  • However, the game became too addictive that the developer decided to remove it in application stores.

    Even so, it has helped mobile developers to create fun-inducing games such as this.

A new poop-themed mobile game

So what if we add the gameplay of the bird that flapped its wings over and under pipes and add, you know, poop.

You get AirSplat.

With AirSplat, the player has to calculate the trajectory of the "packages" coming out of their chosen bird. You just have to make sure that it directly lands on top of the passersby.

It seems easy, doesn't it?

Not really.

Even with the game's difficulty put at the easiest one, you still have to consider the direction of the wind and its speed. Then, you have to use the compass to ensure that the poop arrives on people's heads.

To add more challenge, of course, when the poop leaves your bird's bottom, there is no way to control it.

Get stinky with AirSplat

Splat your way up to the top!

What do you need to do to gain points and keep winning in this game? Let your birds take a dump and make sure that you adjust accordingly! When you get more points and level up, you can shop for more birds to help you progress to different stages of the game.

The game is straightforward and can be navigated easily. From the start, it lets you select the level of difficulty and which bird you want to use before playing.

Also, you can even collect food and life to your advantage so you can keep flying and releasing what's needed to be delivered.

You can enhance your skills by changing the difficulty, clearing the levels available, and continue advancing your way up the leaderboards.

Are you finally getting the points you need? You can now spend your hard-earned points in the shop to buy more feathered and, spoiler-alert, non-feathered heroes. Purchase individual birds or the packages.

How to play

Playing AirSplat is plain and simple.

Tap the feather icon on the left to flap your chosen bird's wings and gain altitude. You have to watch out for too much flapping as it costs stamina.

Tap the poop icon to drop the projectiles. But you have to use it wisely because it might get depleted.

Share the fun with friends and family

Are you now ready to use those uncontrollable weapons of distraction? Share the fun with everyone!

Don't be a party pooper. Play AirSplat now!

Available for Android and iOS devices.


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